Services and Fees

Website Design    $400 (one-time fee)
Domain Registration   $15 (annual fee)
Hosting/Management   $75 (6months) / $120 (yearly)
Virus Removal   $50
PC Repair   varies - contact today!

*Website will be designed using a free-license template that can be customized to some degree. If you want a custom design there will be an additional fee. Website can be up to 6 initial pages. Any custom additions to website may incur additional fees, which will not be charged without client’s consent. Clients must provide all pictures and information for website. Clients may or may not be granted access to alter/update site as JRW Services provides management service for altering/updating. Management service includes updating pictures and information. Changes to the website’s template would incur an additional website design fee. JRW Services reserves the right to refuse service to potential clients if services required are beyond capabilities of what JRW Services can provide.

**Upon agreement of terms and initial payment, website will be created within timeframe set by JRW Services – usually no less than 8 weeks. Initial payment will include website design fee, domain registration fee, and first hosting/management fee. Every 6 months the hosting/management fee will be due, unless client selects the yearly fee. The domain registration fee will be due yearly.

***JRW Services is dedicated to providing quality work and support at a fair and decent rate. Customer satisfaction is the #1 goal. JRW Services looks forward to your business. Thank you.

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